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What is “normal” skin?

Male and Female Couple Smiling Near Couch | Dermatology Institute of America What is "normal skin"? Skincare Blog

Normal skin becomes less oily over our lifetime. Generally, the face, upper chest,  upper back, groin and armpits maintain adequate levels of moisture (are generally oilier) for many years longer than the hands, arms, and legs. For this reason, one may want to use more emollients and less cleanser on the less oily areas of the body.

The facial skin is normally a combination of oily and normal to dry skin. The oilier areas are found between the brows and along and on the nose, along the hairline, and behind the ears. Selectively cleansing the oilier areas of the face and neck while minimizing use of cleansers on dry skin is recommended.

What is seen on normal skin? On average, two pimples a week is considered normal, as is a fine scaling between the brows and on the sides of the nose. Stress and lack of sleep may increase the severity of these conditions. Stress and/or lack of sleep can also lead to a more sallow and drier complexion.